Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Present day consumers

The internet has significantly changed the relationship existing between consumers and retailers. With the introduction of the internet greater transparency of the market has come about, for those consumers whom use the internet. This greater transparency makes it easier for consumers to look for the cheapest and/or best retailers.
More recently with WEB 2.0 applications becoming more prevelant, the power of the consumer has been enhanced further. Consumers can now give feedback on their experiences with retailers, which can change future shopping behavior by consumers.
This last change will not only affect online retailers but will also have an impact on 'brick and mortar' retailers.

The only thing is, not everyone uses the internet, or if they do not everyone checks out reviews etc. Thus in the end we still have a mix of new and old in the same mix.

Friday, 15 May 2009


maybe a little late, but here is an update on how life is.
Life is good in general, except for some hospital visits.

Seeing my sister get married has brightened everything up a lot, and i should of course not forget about my wonderful wife. She is my rock to lean on and to cherish.

Work wise, not too many trips at the moment, since the economy has been a bit on the slow side. But luckily things are picking up a bit again.

Thus overall, things are pretty good and keeping a positive attitude.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Life in London

The last few weeks have been pretty busy.
I'm not doing soooo much training work at the moment, but am prepping a lot, which can be exhausting as well.

Last weekend Ewa and I had a nice weekend over in Leeds, see the pictures on my Picasa.

need to make preps now for the trip to my sisters wedding.